Meaningful Career Programs in DC


It’s been an exciting year for Mission Driven. We worked with over 100 people interested in building more meaningful careers and began to demonstrate the power for self-exploration, experimentation, and group learning in helping professionals identify and pursue careers that truly mattered to them.

This year has also been a time of huge growth for me personally. In building Mission Driven, I’ve learned about my strengths and what really matters to me in my work. I’ve discovered that I’m more of a teacher than an entrepreneur. This deeper understanding of myself has led me to make the tough decision to wind down Mission Driven and pursue a career as an educator.

But, I still plan to stay involved in meaningful career development as a facilitator and coach for other organizations and programs committed to this work. Here is a list of programs in the DC area that can help you build a career that matters.

I’m also always happy to answer questions that you have about navigating a more meaningful career. I can still be reached at and look forward to hearing how your job search goes!