Mission Driven elevates the work and lives of mission driven professionals* by creating exceptional learning experiences

*Mission driven professional: any professional who prioritizes work that matters to them and the world over money and status


Our Story

I've spent my entire career helping people build more meaningful careers. 

Right out of undergrad, I was hired by my university - The Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park - to help students get involved in social entrepreneurship, sustainability, impact investing and responsible business. I loved building experiences that exposed students to how business could solve major social and environmental challenges. I also loved helping students translate that experience into exciting career paths.

But, students are often burdened by school loans when they graduate and many are forced to follow the money rather than what's meaningful to them. I wanted the opportunity to go find those alumni after they paid off their loans and help them move back toward work that truly lights them up. And this opportunity came to me in the form of Impact Business Leaders - a startup social enterprise that helps talented professionals all over the world transition into more meaningful careers in social enterprise and impact investing.

I joined IBL in 2015 to support their business operations and eventually lead marketing and recruitment for our career development programs in India, Kenya, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While we found significant demand from professionals and employers to transition more talent into the social enterprise space, we also noticed that more and more professionals who were already in the social enterprise space were enrolling in our programs as well. There was an unmet need for professional development and career services tailored to social enterprise professionals.

This is what led me to launch Mission Driven, Inc. in 2017 - a professional development firm for social enterprise and nonprofit professionals. Mission Driven is committed to elevating the work and lives of mission driven professionals by creating exceptional learning experiences. We run a variety of programs and workshops as well as offer career coaching and a weekly newsletter that shares ideas about building a career that matters. 

I hope you'll join me in building a more meaningful career by signing up for a workshop or our newsletter. I can't wait to connect. And, in the meantime....

Keep going,
-Ryan Steinbach, Founder of Mission Driven




Ryan Steinbach
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David Kyle
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Impact Business Leaders

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Managing Director
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