Finding Meaningful Work Means Finding Great Organizations

If I asked you, “What is the best part about your job right now?”, what would you say? Maybe it’s your team or flexibility of your work. Maybe it’s the opportunity to tackle new challenges or the positive impact your work has on the world. I’m guessing it’s not the specific functional tasks that you complete day-to-day. And yet, that’s exactly how we search for new jobs.

When looking for more meaningful work, it’s important to get clear on what actually matters to us and how to find it among new job opportunities. Typically, that means starting your search with...

Set Your Intention for Meaningful Work

etting career goals can be challenging. When I lead activities that ask professionals like you to map out what they want in the future, some grasp the concept immediately. However, others become paralyzed with the idea of coming up with the “right” answer.So instead of defining what we want to achieve in the future, what if we start by defining what would simply make today great?

Accelerate Your Mission Driven Career

You want to advance your career in the social enterprise space. You know that you should be investing in opportunities for professional growth. You've been to SOCAP and you show up to a monthly social enterprise happy hour downtown. But you want something more. You want to develop new skills, make meaningful connections, and engage in discussions that are shaping the future of this space. Where do you go?